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Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration Systems

Exceptional Scale Prevention, Powerful Water Filtration

Salt free water softeners create great tasting water without adding sodium or potassium and without removing beneficial minerals from your water. Our salt free water softeners utilize a proprietary scale prevention media (SPM) that will prevent limescale, iron scale and other hard water problem while also removing chlorine, rust, dirt, sand, and other particulate from your water.

Aquios® offered the first combination salt free water softener and carbon filter system for residential use. Our no salt water softener utilizes a single cartridge that both conditions and filters your water at the point of entry into your home. The Aquios® system is an all-in-one, natural, non-salt based water conditioner combined with the powerful filtration of carbon block technology to provide you and your family with clean, great tasting, scale free water without replacing healthy minerals with salt or potassium. The technology we use in our salt free water softener systems to soften and condition your water has been utilized by the commercial food service industry and is proven effective in preventing limescale and calcium build-up and removing existing scale on pipes and fixtures. By combining this with carbon block technology, the Aquios® system effectively eliminates chlorine odor and taste, chloramines, pesticides, rust, dirt and other sediment.

What's the difference between salt free water softeners and traditional water softeners

Traditional water softeners primarily use salt to soften water by removing healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium and replacing them with salt.  This is how water hardness is removed.  The Aquios® scale prevention media is a salt free technology that doesn't use salt and doesn't remove these healthy minerals from you water.  Instead, it sequesters these minerals and keeps them soluble in water and prevents the formation of limescale and iron stain. Also, since our salt free water softeners do not use salt, you won't get that slippery water feel that is commonly associated with traditional water softeners.

One more key benefit of our salt free water softener and filtration systems is that we also filter your water.  No more limescale, no more salt. Just clean, filtered, great tasting water.

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