Aquios® WellPlus™ Jumbo Salt Free Water Softener & Filter System

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The Aquios® AQFS236W is our all-in-one salt free water softener and filter system designed specifically for well water. With powerful, natural scale prevention combined with full house water filtration, you will no longer battle with limescale, iron stain and other problems associated with hard water. The result, clean, great tasting, scale free water.

  • Designed for well water
  • Effective in water hardness up to 22 GPG (376 PPM)
  • High dirt loading capacity
  • Removes/reduces rust, dirt, scale, sediment
  • 10 gallon per minute flow rate
  • Graded density from 50-5 micron

Aquios® uses a commercial grade, salt-free water softening technology to naturally condition your water and protect your pipes from corrosion without the use of salt. Our systems utilize a food grade polyphosphate that inhibits and prevents hard water scale including calcium, magnesium, and iron.  Our technology sequesters hard water minerals and acts as a threshold inhibitor. This prevents hard water minerals from binding together and creating scale. In addition, our salt free technology also provides an anti-corrosive protective barrier that will protect your pipes and plumbing.  The Aquios® system does not de-mineralize your water, adds no salt, is environmentally friendly, and is safe for your family and the environment.

It supports our 4.5" cartridge which utilize a graded density, depth groove structure with a salt-free, food grade additive to soften your water at the point of entry. Our cartridge is rated for up to 6 months and filters your water at 5 microns.

Product Specifications:

  • Part number: AQFS236W
  • Dimensions: 26" x 8"
  • Port size: 1-1/2" NPT
  • Flow rate: 15-18 gpm
  • Pressure drop: 2 PSI
  • Max operating temperature: 40-110 deg F
  • Max operating pressure: 100 PSI
  • Filtration rating: 5 micron
  • Effective in water hardness up to 22 GPG (376 PPM)

Replacement Cartridge:

  • RCFS236W
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