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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics

General Information

Q How does your system actually soften water?
Q Is the polyphosphate additive you use safe?
Q Will the Aquios system eliminate the white scale build-up on my faucets, showerheads and fixtures?
Q Will the Aquios system protect my water heater?
Q Does your system filter my water?
Q What is carbon block technology?
Q What does VOC mean?
Q What is the difference between a salt water softener and the Aquios system?
Q How long will the Aquios cartridge last?
Q What type of warranty is provided?
Q Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?
Q How soon will I notice a difference?
Q The filter cartridge sounds like it has marbles or something broken rolling around inside. Is this normal?
Q What makes the Aquios system different than other salt free systems?
Q Will the Aquios system actually reduce my water hardness?
Q How do polyphosphates prevent scale and remove existing scale?
Q Will the Aquios system prevent water spots?


Q Can I install the Aquios system myself?
Q Can I connect the Aquios system to my hot water line?
Q Can I install the Aquios system sideways?
Q Do you have factory authorized installers?
Q How do I change the cartridge / replace the Aquios cartridge?

Product Information

Q What flow rate does the Aquios system have?
Q What are the product dimensions?
Q What are the inlet sizes?
Q Where can I find an installation manual?
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