How It Works

How the Aquios® System Works

The Aquios® system is a revolutionary and simple way to treat hard water while also filtering your water. The Aquios® system is cartridge based which means that there are no bags of salt, no drainage, no regeneration, no programing, and no maintenance. More importantly, the healthy minerals that our body need (calcium and magnesium) are still in your water and not replaced with salt.

Salt Free Water Conditioning

Aquios Salt Free Water Softening

The process is actually very simple. We utilize a food grade, FDA approved, soluble additive that will sequester hard minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron. What does that mean? Very simply, it means that the calcium and magnesium ions will not be able to bind together and create limescale (the hard white deposits) on your appliances, pipes or fixtures. It also means that iron stain is reduced or eliminated and, in addition; our system will assist in preventing corrosion of your pipes.  Our system does not change the pH level of your water

The healthy minerals are not removed but are unable to accumulate and form scale. In addition, we have added carbon block technology to remove chlorine odor and taste, rust, dirt, particulated iron and other sediment from your water. An important point is that the water hardness will not change. Traditional water softeners remove these healthy minerals and replace them with salt. A water test will essentially show the same water hardness, yet it will not show that these minerals are no longer creating scale. It’s a simple way of preventing the buildup and damaging results of calcium scale without the use of salt in a simple, economic solution.


Aquios Chlorine Reduction

We’ve all smelled it and we know it’s in our water. Aquios® can help to  prevent that. What many aren’t aware of however, is that there are municipalities that “over-chlorinate” your water. For example, the average chlorine level in a pool is 1 to 3 parts per million (ppm) For drinking water, the average should be 0.02 to 1 parts per million (ppm) A simple water test or even reading through your annual water quality report will inform you of your chlorine level. These water quality reports should be available online from your local municipality. If the chlorine levels in your tests or in your annual water quality report exceed these levels, then you should consider carbon filtration.  The Aquios system utilizes coconut carbon to prevent chlorine odor and taste and, depending on the cartridge, is capable of removing up to 99% of chlorine from your water*.

Sediment / Rust / Dirt

Aquios Sediment Reduction

In addition to scale prevention and chlorine removal, the Aquios system will also remove rust, dirt, silt, precipitated iron and other sediment from your water.  Our cartridges contain an industry leading "dirt shield" that will filter these types of material from your water. Our design allows for excellent particulate absorbtion while maintaining water pressure and flow rate.

Why Aquios®

Aquios® provides both salt free conditioning and water filtration in a single, cartridge based system. Our system will prevent and/or minimize hard scale from forming while also eliminating chlorine, chloramines, rust, and other particulate from your water. A simple solution to a big problem. Our system comes with a 20 year warranty (which exceeds the industry standard), and superior customer support. We are available direct or through our numerous retail partners.

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