About Aquios®

At Aquios®, we’re focused on one thing, delivering an incredible product. Not just one that performs, but one that is just simply better. The Aquios® salt-free water softener systems and salt-free water filtration systems are unique and proven alternatives to traditional water softenersthat will provide conditioned, filtered and scale-free water for years to come.

Why Aquios®

Hard water costs you money.  Just 1/4" of scale can cause up to 40% more fuel to heat the water and reduce the life of, or even void the warranty on your water heater.

Aquios salt free water softener and filtration systems (also known as conditioners) provide an effective, salt-free and eco-friendly solution to hard water. We utilize a FDA approved, proprietary scale reduction media that envelopes dissolved minerals (such as calcium, iron, and magnesium) and doesn't allow them to adhere to pipes, fixtures or appliances. The result, minerals that are beneficial, healthy and necessary for you are not removed from the waters, but sequestered so they are unable to form lime scale and other hard water issues. In addition, the Aquios salt free water softener and filtration system requires no backflush or maintenance, is salt-free, uses no electricity, no magnets, doesn't waste any water and is completely safe for you, animals, plants, trees, and the environment.

Aquios delivers safe and effective salt free solutions for residential and commercial water softening and water filtration. Our systems are compact, manufactured with a unique in-head valve design, include brass insert fittings, and come with an industry leading 20 year warranty and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. That's a warranty that exceeds most standard and shows our confidence and commitment to our systems.

Whether it’s scale build-up in your water heater, “pin hole” leaks in your pipes, corrosion, or water that has a chlorine odor or just simply tastes bad, the Aquios system has a simple, effective solution. With an Aquios salt free water softener and filtration system, your water will taste better, feel better and allow you to enjoy the benefits of healthy, filtered and conditioned water while saving energy, protecting your plumbing, and saving you money.

The Aquios system is a natural, proven solution that will stop limescale from damaging your appliances and plumbing. Our all-in-one system will also eliminate chlorine odor and taste, reduce iron, rust and sediment and deliver clean, filtered and scale free water.  All of this for less than $0.35 per day. 

Our products will provide your family and your business with years of reliable performance along with pure, high quality and conditioned water that is salt-free, requires virtually no maintenance and is safe for you and the environment . 


Now that's simple.  Aquios...Briliantly Simple!™

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