Well Water Systems

Well Water Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration Systems

High Flow Rate, Powerful Scale Prevention

The Aquios® WellPlus™ Series of products is designed specifically for well water systems. Our salt free water softener and water filtration

systems provide a high dirt load capacity and flow rates along with our salt free water conditioning technology that is effective for both calcium

and iron. Well water typically has a slightly higher amount of silt, sediment and other material in the water and we took that into consideration

with our cartridge design. 

Salt Free Water Softening   

Salt free water softening systems do not demineralize your water. This means that thehard water minerals such as calcium and iron are still in

the water. Our salt free water softener technology utilizes a process known as sequestering. What does that mean?  It means that the healthy

minerals remain soluble in water and are unable to bind together and create limescale or other hard water scale (such as iron stain). Traditional

water softerner systems demineralize the water (removing the heathy minerals) and replace them with either salt or potassium. In additon,

they require constant, water wasting regeneration, constant bags of salt, and a slippery water feel. Our salt free water softener technology is

effective in water hardness up to 22 grains per gallon and in iron concentrations up to 3 parts per million. It's also an eco-friendly and

environmentally safe alternative to traditional water softening;


Our WellPlus™ Series delivers high flow rates with virtually no pressure loss and filters at a five micron level. With this series, we have

introduced a coconut, carbon infused pleated filter design that is long lasting and will ensure great water flow. The cartridge design

allows for a large surface area and higher dirt loading capacity than other cartridges.


Our systems provide exceptional sediment reduction as well as corrosion control.  This means that rust, sand, silt and other particulate

is filtered from your water. In addition, our scale reduction media provides corrosion control to prevent damage over time to your pipes,

fixtures and plumbing.

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