The Aquios Rewards™ Program

At Aquios®, we value customers and we want to give you something for being one of ours. The Aquios Rewards™ Program gives you points for evey purchase you make.  Those points can be used on future purchases to save you money.  It's that simple.

Here's how it works.  For every $1 you spend on the Aquios website, you will automatically receive 5 Aquios Rewards™ points.  Once you have accumulated 100 points, you have $1 that you can apply to your purchase.  Here are a few examples:

  • Purchase a replacement cartridge for $69 and you receive 345 points.  That's worth $3.45 in Aquios Rewards™ that you can apply to your next purchase
  • Purchase a new system for $439.00 as a new customer and you receive 2295 points (100 points for a new customer and 2195 points for the purchase).  That's worth $22.95 in Aquios Rewards™.

The Aquios Rewards™ program is one of our ways to say thank you.


  • 5 points for every $1 USD based on purchase price
  • 100 points for new customer registration
  • 100 points = $1 USD
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