Aquios® AQS400 Salt-Free Water Softener

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The Aquios AQS400 Salt free water softener is a revolutionary, natural approach to preventing the damage and problems caused by hard water.

Unlike our other systems, the AQS400 is a water softener only and does not provide any water filtration.  This is an ideal product if you already have water filtration in your home and want to prevent calcium and magensium scale from forming.

By utilizing a natural, food grade additive that is safe and proven to be effective, the Aquios system will prevent and inhibit calcium scale from forming as well as providing protection against corrosion.  In addition, the healthy minerals your body needs are not removed or replaced with salt.

Now you can have naturally soft, conditioned, and great tasting water without the salt, without the cost, and without the hassle.

Key Benefits:

• Prevents hard water deposits and conditions water without the use of salt
• Cartridge lasts for up to 8 months before requiring replacement
• Requires no maintenance, no regeneration, no wasted water and no electricity
• Compact design with built in shut off and by pass valve

Product Specifications

Part Number: AQS400
• Dimensions: 23.4" x 5.4"
• Port size: 3/4" threaded brass
• Flow rate: 12 GPM
• Pressure drop: 6 PSID
• Operating temperature: 40-115 degrees F
• Operating pressure: 100 PSI (6.9 BAR)
• Cartridge life: Up to 8 Months (~60,000 gallons)
• Cartridge medium: Siliphos
• Effective in water hardness up to 22 GPG (380 ppm)

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Salt Free Conditioning

The Aquios system doesn’t use salt to address hard water issues.  We use a natural, FDA  approved, food grade additive known as Siliphos that will effectively prevent calcium and magnesium from forming damaging  scale on your pipes, fixtures and appliances.      

It does this by preventing these minerals from attaching to each other or to other surfaces, keeping them in a suspended state (known as sequestering).In addition to the prevention of hard water scale, the AQS400 will also provide additional protection against corrosion of your pipes.  A microscopic layer is formed on the pipes that prevents small pinholes and other forms of corrosion from occuring. This is especially effective in areas with high iron content.

Eco Friendly

No salt means no regeneration, no brine backflush and no wasted water.  AQS400 uses no electricity and is safe for you, your family, pets and plants.   

Cost Effective

Most water softeners cost several thousand dollars. The Aquios AQS400 is a fraction of what other water softeners cost.  You’ll save on detergent, cleaning supplies and no more heavy bags of salt. You'll save on electricity and there's no expensive plumbing or installation required.  All of this for around $0.38 per day.

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