Aquios® RCFS220L Water Softener/Filter Replacement Cartridge , VOC Reduction

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The Aquios® RCFS220L salt free water softener and filtration cartridge is our stronger replacement cartridge for our 220 Series. This cartridge utilizes coconut carbon block filtration, VOC reduction, and our proprietary scale reduction media that prevents harmful limescale, sequesters iron and manganese and doesn't demineralize your water. It also will remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, cysts, rust, dirt and other impurities from your water. Now you can be assured of clean, great tasting, conditioned water for you and your entire family. This replacement cartridge is for the AQFS220L system. Our cartridges are made in the USA with eco-friendly activated coconut shell carbon.

What are VOCs?

Some VOCs are naturally occurring, like those released from plants. The smell of freshly mowed grass is actually a type of VOC called green leaf volatiles (GLVs). Other VOCs are emitted by manmade products, such as paints and lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, disinfecting products, cosmetics, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment such as copiers and printers, correction fluids and carbonless copy paper, graphics and craft materials including glues and adhesives, permanent markers, and photographic solutions. Fuels such as gasoline contain VOCs as well.

Aquios Frequently Asked Question What's the difference between the RCFS220L and the RCFS220? The only difference between the two water filter cartridges is the water filtration. The RCFS220L has a 1 micron (stronger) filtration medium and the RCFS220 has a 5 micron filtration medium. If you're looking for better water filtration and salt-free water conditioning, the RCFS220L is a better choice. Both filters however are compatible and interchangeable with the Aquios® 220 Series.

The Aquios Full House Water Filtration / Softener Cartridge with VOC reduction is the first all-in-one combination water filtration and water conditioning filter for the residential market.

Stop spending money on refrigerator filtration cartridges and salt pellets to soften and filter your water! The Aquios Full House Water Filter / Conditioner Cartridge is a revolutionary All-In-One filter cartridge that both conditions and filters your water. Utilizing 1 micron carbon block filtration and commercial strength water conditioning/softening technology that doesn't require salt, you can be assured of clean, great tasting, conditioned water for you and your entire family.

The carbon block filter is rated at 1 micron, is designed to reduce chlorine taste and odor, VOCs and utilizes our natural, scale prevention media that is remarkably effective in both preventing and removing existing limescale and iron stain on fixtures, pipes and appliances. In addition, it doesn't utilize salt, is environmentally friendly and keeps new scale and calcium deposits from forming on your pipes and appliances. The Aquios filter is rated for 3-6 months of usage. It is recommended that the filter be replaced every 3-6 months for a typical family of four.


  • Part number: RCFS220L
  • Dimensions: 20" x 2.5"
  • Filtration rating: 1 Micron
  • Cartridge life: Up to 3-6 months
  • Chlorine reduction: 45,000 gallons @ 2 gpm
  • Pressure drop: < 2 PSI @ flow rate
  • High absorption and capacity
  • Effective in water hardness up to 30 gpg
  • Compatible with Aquios Model# AQFS220, AQFS220C and AQFS220L

*For best result, always use genuine Aquios® replacement cartridges

Aquios RCFS220L Data Sheet
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