We receive a lot of questions that ask, "what is salt free water softening", We also have a lot of customers ask, "will this system filter my water", The short answer to the second question is emphaticaly yes, The Aquios® system is designed to remove chlorine odor and taste, rust, dirt, and other particulate. This usually results in water that is not only better tasting, but healthier for your family, Salt free water softening is different than traditional water softening, A key difference is that healthy minerals such as calcium, manganese and iron (which your body needs) are not removed with salt free water softeners.

Traditional water softening uses a process known as ionic exchange.  This process physically removes calcium, iron and manganese from your water and replaces it with salt.  It also requires that a regeneration cycle occur on a regualr basis to "flush" the minerals, drain excess water and new salt be added to reppeat the cycle. The Aquios® system uses a natural additive that uses a process known as sequestering.  This means that the healthy minerals that exist in your water are not removed but are unable to bind together and create scale (limescale) or staining (iron scale).  They remain "water soluable" so they simple flush through your plumbing system. 

Salt free water softening is an excellent and effective alternative to traditional water softening and is eco-friendly and virtually maintenance free. All salt free technology however has an upper limit of effectiveness and you should check with you local water utility or have a water sample performed to determine whether a salt free water softener will work for you.  Our systems are effective in water hardness up to 30 GPG (grains per gallon) or 513 PPM (parts per million).